Mount Baker is one of the prides of Washington State. Aside from the activities that you can do at Mount Baker, you can just as well enjoy the good food and the scenery it provides. One of the favorite activities most Americans do nowadays is RVing. Its popularity increases throughout the pandemic where people wanted to travel but do not want to have close contact with strangers.

If you are an RVer and are looking for a good destination in the Pacific Northwest, then Mount Baker can offer you a lot of things to enjoy during your RV escapade. You will surely enjoy a lot of things in Mount Baker with your entire family without any worries.

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Camp Sites

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The Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is a valuable part of Mount Baker. This forest extends more than 140 miles across the Canada-US border. This is the area where most of the Mount Baker campsites are located. If you are looking for a place to park your RV during your stay at Mount Baker, Washington, you might want to choose from these campsites mentioned below.

Douglas Fir Campground

You will find the Douglas Fir Campground along the Mount Baker Highway which is why it is very easy to locate this site. The campsite itself is situated along the banks of the North Fork Nooksack River. You can enjoy the wonderful view Douglas Fir Campsite has to offer plus you can participate in numerous recreational activities within the North Cascades Mountains, Washington.

The site has clean vault toilets, fire rings, and picnic tables made available for the camper’s usage. You can book a reservation before your trip to make sure that you will get a nice spot when you arrive. You have to take note that the campsite is heavily used which means that many campers are visiting the area.

The reason behind why most campers love to camp in Douglas Fir Campground is that it is near a lot of attractions such as the Nooksack Falls, Mt. Baker Ski Area, Mt. Baker Scenic Bay, and many more. Additionally, this is the best site you can choose if you wanted to be near some civilized amenities as the site is only 3 minutes away from Glacier, Washington.

You can have easy access to bakeshops, markets, and restaurants if you camp in Douglas Fir. In case you will be out of food, you will never have to worry as you can just go to the town and purchase everything that you need for camping without traveling very far. The only downside of this campground is that they do not have hookups for RVs.

Silver Fir Campground

Another campground that is along Mt. Baker Highway is the Silver Fir Campsite. The campsite also has many campers coming which is why reservation is a must before your travel to ensure that the site can accommodate you.

The Silver Fir Campground is even closer to wonders Mount Baker can offer like the ski area, Lake Ann Trail, and Chain Lakes Loop. The campsite is also near Glacier, Washington where you will only need to travel for about 18 minutes to reach the town.

Picnic tables and fire pits are also readily available on the campsite for the camper’s usage. The site also offers drinking water and garbage service that are two of the very important things in a campsite. You will not have to worry about the toilet as well as the campsite has clean toilets. An RV water hookup is also available for RVers.

Excelsior Group Camp

Located in between Douglas Fir and Silver Fir campgrounds is the reservation only campsite of Excelsior Group Camp. The campground is situated in the secluded area of the Nooksack river banks. The site is separated into two group sites. One that can accommodate 50 people and one that can hold up to 75 people.

The camp offers picnic shelters and tables as well as fire pits. If you are traveling with your pets, you should reserve a spot on the Excelsior Group Camp as they allowed their campers to bring and enjoy the amenities with their pets.

You can reserve a spot on the Excelsior Group Camp from May to September and it is recommended to book your reservation in advance. When you camp in Excelsior, you must prepare a list of the activities you wanted to do as you will surely get confused with all the available activities within or near the campsite.

You can choose from various activities such as horseback riding, fishing, biking, boating, climbing, hiking, and even off-roading. Those were just some of the things you can do near the campground which is why you should plan your trip and do your research so that you can choose what things you will do while you are at Mount Baker, Washington.

Panorama Point Campground

If you wanted to camp near Baker Lake then this popular national forest campground is for you. It is located along the shore of the western part of Baker Lake where you can park your RV and enjoy all the activities you can do on the lake.

A day-use picnic area is available where you can enjoy a wide view of the scenic Baker Lake. Garbage bins, vault toilets, and water are available in the campground. Panorama Point Campground provides campsite areas for RVs, tents, trailers, and ADA camping.

The site has a total of 16 campsites where 9 of which are reservable while the remaining 7 sites are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, it is still best to book a reservation to ensure that you will have a spot when you arrive at the location as there are so many campers expected to avail of the sites, especially during the peak season.

Swift Creek Campground

In case you will not acquire a spot on Panorama Point, there is another campsite that is near Baker Lake. The Swift Creek Campground is only four minutes away from the Panorama Point Campground which is why you can just go straight to the Swift Creek Campsite if there are no more vacancies on the Panorama Point.

This site can also offer you a wide view of Baker Lake as it is also situated on the edge of the lake itself. Aside from the lake, the swift creek also gives you easy access to another body of water which is a waterfall that is located just nearby the site.

You can surely enjoy a quiet time in nature when you camp your RV at the Swift Creek Campground. Plus, you can still have access to the digital world as the campsite offers wifi and phone services.

It is also best for ADA campers and pets. Moreover, the site has electricity hookups, clean toilets, showers, drinking water, trash, picnic tables, a market, and firewood. Everything you will need for comfortable camping is available at Swift Creek Campground.

Other Things To Consider

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In addition to all of the RV campgrounds mentioned above, you can as well enjoy great restaurants within the vicinity of Mount Baker. One of the most popular restaurants on Mount Baker Highway is Rifugio’s Country Italian Cuisine. If you are looking to satisfy your Italian palate and enjoy a delectable wine to fight off the cold temperature at Mount Baker, then you must visit Rifugio’s and make your Mount Baker Getaway memorable.

There are so many things you will enjoy during your visit to Mount Baker, Washington. There is a reason why people keep on coming back to this area. It is not just the experience that keeps them coming but the place, the people, and even the food.

Furthermore, you will never get bored at Mt. Baker because the area is huge that holds a lot of locations where recreational activities are available.

Come and Enjoy Mount Baker

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Now that you already know what Mount Baker can offer RVers, it is now time to gas that RV up and drive to Washington. Make sure to bring your entire family as you will surely stay longer in Mount Baker than you have expected.


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