Wine (By the Glass)

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Palladio Bianco Chardonnay

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Terra Blanca, Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington

Subtle aromas of violet, strawberry and raspberry lead to darker notes of black cherry and plum. On the palate, blackberry, cassis, and chocolate dominate with hints of chalk and spice. The firm structure frames the extended, silky finish of black fruits.

The White Wines of Rifugio’s

White Wine (By the Bottle)

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Lageder, Chardonnay-Alto Adige

The bouquet offers lime, grapefruit and white peach. The mouthfeel is absolutely fresh and tonic as you might expect.

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Enrico Serafino, Gavi-Piemonte

Super-fresh aromas of yellow plum, tropical fruit, apple and peach, with a touch of florality and salinity. In the mouth it’s more of the same, deliciously juicy and outlines by fresh acidity. There’s a hint of honey here, too, which lingers on the ling finish.

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Regaleali, Bianco-Sicily

Straw-yellow in color, aromas of green apples and pitted fruits complement undertones of pears and grapefruits. On the palate, crisp acidity and a rich body make for an easy-to-drink white wine that is particularly refreshing on a hot summer day.

Pairs well with antipasti.

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Morgante Bianco-Sicily

Light straw yellow colour with shiny highlights. Very elegant at the nose, with pleasant flowery and fruity tones, especially per and tropical fruits at the end fresh vegetal notes of unripen almond husk come out. In the mouth, it is surprising ow the freshness is well balanced with a pleasant saltiness.

Pairs well with fish cooked in simple sauces, seafood with delicate marinade. Serve at a temperature of 54 f.

The Italian Red Wines of Rifugio’s

Red Wine (By the Bottle)

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Prodigo, Nero Di Avola-Sicily

Made from partially dried Nero d’Avola grapes, the wine’s bouquet is slightly spicy, and has notes of dried figs and ripe fruits, like blackberry and boysenberry. The finish is round and velvety, with notes of vanilla.

Some classic pairings include oxtail soup and beef stew, but you could easily swap BBQ burgers with bacon and everyone will think you’re a genius.

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Barbera, Pico Macario-Piemonte

Villa della Rosa captures the essence of the Barbera variety with bright, red cherry fruit and accents of violets and herbs. Due in part to young vines, this Barbera is light in body with soft tannins and moderate in alcohol making it an attractive partner for a wide range of foods.

Food Pairing with a wide array of dishes, including dark fish such as seared tuna.

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Aglianico, Mastroberardino-Campania

This fresh, youthful red has notes of strawberry, cherry, blackberry and violet flowers. The palate is smooth, medium-bodied, with red fruits on the palate and a fruity finish. Pairs well with a variety of light appetizers, fresh tomato sauce-based dishes and roasted chicken.

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Chianti Classico, Badia Coltibuono-Tuscany

Luminous ruby color. Forest berries, spices, leather, moist earth and dried plum, layered in the aroma. Soft, round taste, well-balanced acidity and clean and persistent aftertaste. Very pleasing, and ready to drink.

Recommended serving temperature: 18°C

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Nebbiolo, Vietti-Piemonte

Offers up generous fruit along with menthol, spices, and hard candy, showing notable intensity while retaining an essentially mid-weight style. Strong, intense, and powerful when young, complex and elegant with the aging.

Pairs well with a hearty stew, wild game, roasted red meats, and sharp, aged cheeses

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Ripassa, Zenato-Veneto

Deep ruby-red in color, this wine shows intense aromas of blackberries and black currants underscored by aromas of spice pepper and a hint of leather. On the palate, it is smooth and viscous with well-balanced acidity and alcohol. Pairs well with risotto, and rabbit ragu.

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Barolo, Vietti-Piemonte

It has a dark and brooding character and takes time to open up. Winter mint, cedar and an intriguing earthiness offset nuances of red cherry and violets as they slowly emerge. Firm, vertical tannins shore up the palate but remain effortlessly sophisticated in this powerful and dense Barolo.

Pair with a hearty stew, wild game, roasted red meats, and cheeses.

Two bottles of wine are sitting next to each other.

Amarone, Zenato-Veneto

Ruby red in color, intoxicating aromas of dried black cherries, cassis, truffles, and chocolate fudge leap out of the glass. The resulting wine is silky, luscious, and complex, with a lingering finish.

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Brunello Di Montalcino, Casanova Di Neri-Tuscany

Magnificently floral nose, with violets and lilacs lifting delicate notes of cherries, Satsuma citrus, and sweet spice. On the palate, this is seriously structured, with a solid center of red and black cherries, mountain berries, scrubby dried herbs, tobacco, and sandalwood that finishes with toasted fennel, caraway seeds, and coffee. Fantastic juxtaposition of energy and concentration: This is great now, but will live a long life in the cellar, too.

Northwest Red Wine (By the Bottle)

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Helix, Cabernet Sauvigon-Columbia Valley

Black currant, baked plum and cherry greet the nose with fragrant rose petal attar, baking spice and hints of herb. Fine tannins carry the plum and black currant to a mid-palate of cherry and fig. Shadows of wood toast cover a finishing trail of dark cherry.

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Tamarack, Merlot-Columbia Valley

This Merlot shows notes of baked almond and coconut on the nose followed by savory capers and fennel. The palate is bold and complex, offering smokey notes of prosciutto and kalamata tapenade.

Two bottles of wine sitting next to a bowl of grapes.

Januik, Cabernet Sauvignon-Columbia Valley

Earthy and complex, this wine has concentrated flavors of licorice, eucalyptus, and allspice. Brimming with bright candied strawberry flavors and a silky, textured mouthfeel.

The Rejuvenating Bitter Sweet Drinks at Rifugio’s

Espresso Drinks at Rifugio’s

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A delicious Italian dark roast bean from Caffe D’Arte with maximum flavor with citrus and a hint of chocolate.

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An Americano is made when hot water is added to the espresso, transforming the shot into a less intense, but just as delicious cup of coffee

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Caffe Macchiato

Caffè macchiato, sometimes called espresso macchiato, is an espresso coffee drink with a small amount of milk, usually foamed. In Italian, macchiato means “stained” or “spotted” so the literal translation of caffè macchiato is “stained†or “marked coffee.â€

A cup of coffee with some brown sugar on top.


The history of the cappuccino is an interesting one. In fact, the name of the drink actually comes from the brown color of the drink is similar to the color of the habits Capuchin friars wear. The lighter brown color develops when the milk has been added in increments to the darker espresso, creating a pleasant level of crema.

A person holding a cup of coffee with milk.


A caffè mocha, also called mocaccino, is a chocolate-flavoured variant of a caffè latte, Commonly served in a glass. Other commonly used spellings are mochaccino and also mochachino. The name is derived from the city of Mocha, Yemen, which was one of the centers of early coffee trade

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Caffè breve is an espresso-based drink that’s made like a cappuccino, but with steamed half-and-half instead of milk.

The Hot & Sweet Drinks of Rifugio’s

Hot Sweet Drinks

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Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate

This gourmet powder is made with real chocolate, dutch cocoa, and a hint of vanilla to deliver a rich, indulgent chocolate taste.

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Chai Tea Latte

Chai Tea Latte is made of a combination of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, ginger, cloves, and star anise and blended into steamed milk. A dirty chai is with espresso added.

A black tea pot with steam coming out of it.

Hot Tea at Rifugio’s

At Rifugio’s we offer a variety of tea’s and in our classic cast iron tea pots. In the dead of winter out on our deck it remains warm just as it was poured. Allowing the tea to cool in your cup as your drinking it.

Cold Refreshing Drinks at Rifugio’s

Cold Drinks

A can of raspberry apero beer sitting on top of raspberries.

Apero Raspberry Beer Kulshan

It is a crisp and delightfully bubbly beer brewed for all occasions. Boasting delightful ripe raspberry notes, Raspberry Apero is light and dry on the palate, thoroughly refreshing, and most of all a whole lot of fun! SEE: Bright pale straw, fine white head. SMELL: Ripe raspberry, slight coriander and citrus.

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Mimosa Ala San Pellegrino

Our very simple flavorful mimosa. Limonata blended with our sparking wine.

A can of sparkling lemon drink with the word " limonata " written on it.

San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Drinks

Limonata – has an intense bouquet of tasty zest and juice from lemons, Limonata has a soothing opal white color that is punctuated with clean, crisp bubbles. Smooth on the palate with fresh tart notes that linger in the mouth.

A blue sign with red letters that say " candi brewing company ".

Beer – Draft & Bottle

Inquire as to what we have that is fresh on the taps from our local brewery’s

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Beer – Draft & Bottle

Inquire as to what we have that is fresh on the taps from our local brewery’s

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Traditional Coke

Traditional Coke in the bottle

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San Pellegrino Clear

Simple and refreshing with any meal or before sipping on your espresso.