Mount Baker is a beautiful stratovolcano that is located in Washington State. It is known for its attractions and activities that most locals and tourists enjoyed. If you have been to Mount Baker before, you might already know how serene the place is. The smell of fresh greeneries of nature and the cool breeze you can feel as you travel the road to Mount Baker recreational area.

Whether it is your first time or not, you must try out all the amazing activities that you will surely enjoy during your escapade at Mount Baker. To help you create your to-do list, here are some recommendations that you should consider doing.

Hiking or Trekking

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Mount Baker is known for its beautiful hiking and trekking trails. It offers multiple hiking locations around the vicinity of Mount Baker that you can choose from. You can choose from different distances of trails with different views.

No matter what trail you choose, you can ensure that you will have a great experience as you get to see the wonders of Mount Baker and its surrounding. You can choose to have guided hikes or go with fellow hikers and explore the area on your own.

If this is your first time hiking at Mount Baker, it is recommended that you tag along with other hikers and stay on the trails.


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Another activity that Mount Baker is popular for is skiing. The Mountain itself is covered with white snow during the winter which is suitable for a good ski adventure. For you to experience the best out of Mount Baker ski resort, you must check out their website and contact them for queries.

The ski area is located at the edge of the Mount Baker wilderness in the middle of the North Cascades Mountains. Mount Baker has become the premier spot for skiing in Washington State. The reason why it became popular amongst ski enthusiasts is that the area receives the highest average rainfall in North America.

As a matter of fact, during the winter 1998-99 a world record of snowfall was recorded in Mount Baker.

Enjoying the Food

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Do you love food? If you want to enjoy a tasty and mouth-watering Italian cuisine served to you at a restaurant that is one with Mt. Baker nature, then you should visit Rifugios restaurant.

Imagine yourself in the middle of a beautiful place with trees that you can feast with your eyes. Sipping the best Italian dark roast coffee in town as you enjoy the cool temperature and feel the nature vibe the restaurant is giving.

You can find this lovely restaurant along Mount Baker Highway. You can enjoy their Italian food that will surely satisfy your palate. You can visit the restaurant on your way to Mt. Baker ski resort or after a fun and tiring activity of hiking.

Rifugios filet mignon is something to look forward to as it is finely crafted by our chef. You will enjoy the tenderness of the steak as you will enjoy the crispiness and melty bacon strips that are wrapped around the filet mignon itself.

You can never truly enjoy Mount Baker if you never taste the food that Rifugios Italian Restaurant can offer you. It is one of the must-do things you should never forget if you visit Mount Baker in Washington State.


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If you are looking for a place to do fishing around Washington State, Mount Baker can offer you a variety of spots that you will surely enjoy. Do you want to fish in a lake or pond? How about in rivers and streams? Wherever you prefer, you can find it at Mt. Baker.

The water within the area is clean which is why there is nothing for you to worry about. The fish is safe to eat right after it gets caught. You can expect to catch different kinds of trout and Sockeye Salmon in Baker Lake if you choose to do your fishing activity there.

You can try different fishing spots and explore what Mt. Baker can provide you and you will surely come back to the place over and over again. Your fishing desire will get satisfied with all the given options for you to choose from.


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While you are fishing, you can set up a campsite where you can relax or enjoy your freshly caught trout. You can as well set up your tent on one of the campgrounds around Mount Baker and meet with other campers in the area.

If camping out in a tent is not your thing, you can as well opt to rent a cabin for yourself and your entire family. Enjoy the area around the beautiful Mt. Baker and rest at the end of a tiring day in a beautiful and comfortable cabin by the woods.

You can be creative and create a campsite outside of the cabin just to experience camping outdoors and just sleep inside the cabin at night. You can do camping activities such as bonfires, picnicking and the likes.

If you have a Recreational Vehicle this is one of the best RV destinations that you can add to your bucket list. You can find a great RV campground in Mt. Baker and most RVers that have visited the area have enjoyed their stay.

Swimming and Boating

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While you are enjoying your fishing activity, your family or friends can also enjoy swimming in the clean and fresh water of Mount Baker ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. Aside from swimming, boating is another activity that you can do at Mt. Baker.

You will never have to worry about your companions getting bored while you’re enjoying yourself fishing as there are as well a lot of activities for them to do. It is the best family vacation spot in the Washington State Area.

The activities you can do on Mount Baker are endless. You will need to stay for quite a while in Mt. Baker for you to be able to enjoy all the activities mentioned above. You can plan a few activities on your first visit and just come back to do the other.

It is recommended that you try all the fun and amazing activities that Mount Baker has to offer. If you do, you will surely have a great time and you will never regret reading this article and do what we suggested.


If you want to relax and unwind, visiting Mount Baker can be the best gift you can give yourself, especially if you have worked hard every day. You deserve to experience serenity in the middle of nature, enjoy amazing activities, witness scenic landscapes and taste delicious food.

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