A white bowl of salad with tomatoes and broccoli.

Hail Caesar Salad

Our kale Caesar Salad has a history. Rifugio’s being on beautiful Mount Baker Highway was frequented by teachers from Mount Baker High School when we used to be open for lunch. They would with jest and kindness correct my menu misspellings. The Kale Caesar Salad was one of them. They shared with me that “Caesar” was the name of the Holy Roman Emperor Caesar, not the salad. So in good stride, I changed the name from Kale Caesar to Hail Caesar. Showing honor to the Roman Emperor. After research, I found that we were both incorrect. Sort of. Firstly the Caesar salad was created by the famous restaurateur Caesar Cardini (1896-1956) in his restaurant in Tijuana about 1924. Also, Rifugio’s in way of ingredients does not use anchovy fillets. Our dressing which was kindly given by Chef Dylan is packed with flavor. We love anchovy fillets though. It was with his wisdom that we used kale instead of romaine as kale is more Northwest and hardier.

So, we beg our patrons to enjoy our hardy salad and the seasonal changes that come with different kale varieties and fresh tomato’s when in season.

Allergen Info

  • Nut free