The salty, savory, pickled things we love would not have been invented out of necessity. Such things as salami, pickled cabbage, salty cheeses. You see there was a stark change in what used to be a very seasonal rhythm to food. In the spring things started to grow and people keeping with the summer and ate. When the peak of the harvest was fast upon them and winter close behind and food about to go bad due to ripeness they started to can, pickle, salt, and dry all things able. The United States perfected the refrigerator and people were able to have anything at any time. It is a sad and happy thing though. We can keep things fresher longer but we had compromised on the quality of the product. People stopped picking things when ripe and picked them without their full flavor. Food processors trained future generations to like things that were without character and depth. That is what was lost. There appears to be a trend to go back to food made in the old way. Such as drying food, pickling vegetables, canning fruit, and making bread from scratch. We are starting to have an appreciation for slow food done well and with respect to where it comes from.

A bunch of sausage hanging from the ceiling

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