One may ask how to make a great loaf of bread?

I would say take a walk on the wild side. So, that is what I did. I took my shoes and hat on a sunny cold beautiful day hopped down to the Deming Heritage Eagle Park. You see it’s right outside my door. I am blessed to have a bonified park 500 feet from our restaurant where I can forage for pine cones to oven roast and marry into our flour from Cairn Spring Mills. 

I walked the field to the west clearing my mind of unneeded junk. Keeping a focus on the ground beneath my feet and the sky above.  The more I walked the more confident and peaceful I became. Time stopped. That is the “thing” I love the most. The stopping of time. As I wondered at the light and colors of the trees I saw pine cones at eye level and started picking them knowing they would go into “Our Daily Bread”.


A red plate with a cake on it

About the author : Richard Balogh