Meditation Walks,  Walking to meditate helps to clear the mind and activate deeper meaning. It allows me to become more grounded and to feel the earth beneath my feet in a literal and spiritual sense. My teacher pointed out the obvious to me as he was having brunch a couple of weeks ago that the whole restaurant is filled with trees.  The dining tables are large slabs of trees, the columns holding up visually the ceiling are trees, the entry has four massive thirteen-foot trunks. He said to me trees are important in your life it appears. He attached it to what has happened in the past year to me and the people whom I have lost or have spoken of, such as my father who passed away last year at the age of 83, the late George Drake a good friend and considered mentor to me and others of import. He said these are your ancestors along with the trees. Trees? Yes, they are rooted in my memories and experiences and should be thought of when asking powerful questions as to what to do in life. Or how would they do it. It gives you the power to proceed forward to achieve the goals before you and to create your own ancestral line. So, the tree you see above is a meditation on my rootedness in my ancestors and my growth.

If your on Mount Baker Highway driving be sure to get tangled in our roots of coffee and culture. Be sure to make reservations if you want dinner though.

A tree with moss growing on it's trunk.

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