Rifugio's Country Italian Cuisine

A Farm to Table Culinary Destination

 Rifugio's Country Italian Cuisine is an Eclectic Italian Restorante well worth the drive into the countryside. Just fifteen minutes outside of Bellingham in beautiful Deming, Washington. We source local ingredients use the highest quality products able. It takes time to have a great experience. So sit down relax and enjoy. Our site will lead you through our menu, venues, specials, local events, peoples experiences and stories of food, love and life.

Note: eclectic - deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. 

Warmth & Love to all.............. Mr. Rifugio

Coming to Rifugio's Painted Hills Natural Beef...look OUT

Greetings to all who love great food with great flavor. Rifugio's based on customer requests and my own personal philosophy of quality are phasing in Painted Hills Natural Beef for our Meat Loaf & Straight Up Burger. With the quality of the product comes a slight increase in price. Rifugio's hopes that our consumer base supports Local Grass Fed Natural Beef Products.

Warm Regards,

Mr. Rifugio 

Welcome to

Painted Hills Natural Beef

Thank you for your interest in Painted Hills Natural Beef! We are pleased to share our love for ranching with you.

The desire to provide our customers with products of consistently high quality has been the focus of our company from the beginning. To us, this means producing a product that is safe for your family as well as naturally flavorful and tender. Our beef is raised with NO ADDED HORMONES, NO ANTIBIOTICS, PASTURE RAISED and fed a 100% VEGETARIAN DIET. Our cattle are never fed animal by-products of any kind. This is beef you can trust.

To us, this isn't just a job; this is our way of life. And you, our consumers, are helping to preserve that way of life. With each purchase of Painted Hills Natural Beef or Painted Hills Grass-Fed Beef products, you help to directly support the independent rancher and the ranching tradition that is the cornerstone of our communities and our lives.

We hope you take the time to look around here and learn about our company, our products and our way of life.

Thank you - from our family to yours.

Painted Hills Natural Beef.