Rifugio's Country Italian Cuisine

A Farm to Table Culinary Destination

 Rifugio's Country Italian Cuisine is an Eclectic Italian Restorante well worth the drive into the countryside. Just fifteen minutes outside of Bellingham in beautiful Deming, Washington. We source local ingredients use the highest quality products able. It takes time to have a great experience. So sit down relax and enjoy. Our site will lead you through our menu, venues, specials, local events, peoples experiences and stories of food, love and life.

Note: eclectic - deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. 

Warmth & Love to all.............. Mr. Rifugio

Pies Sweet & Savory

Pies sweet and savory have a dynamic draw to me. The hold surprises inside and layers of flavor. Weather the are sweet or savory. I don't just stay to the tradidpional standbys but mix it up. Like taking carrots the lowly carrot and making it a delight of sweetness with a tinge of spice. Or taking app,e and mixing it with Italian sausage. We sell many pies at our restaurant and look to increase our selections. A lot of beautiful labor goes into the making of my pies as our crusts is "in the old way" we render our own lard from organic farm raised pies in Oregon we mix it with butter and roll out the dough. It is very important that all ingredients are the best. Ther is nothing like biting into a think rust crumbly pie. Come inquire and order your pies by emailing or calling. 

Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie